Summer Activities


Photo Safari in Iskar Lodge

A nature trip aimed at both professional and beginner photographers. A chance to capture on film picturesque scenery, flora and fauna – oak, beech, cerris, black and white pine trees, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, roe deer, wolf, fox, marten, wild cat, otter, marten and badger. For those who are not interested in photography, the tour offers an opportunity for an adventure with breathtaking scenery in stunning natural surroundings.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: € 25

Including: transport to Iskar Hunting Lodge, guide



A nature site, about 15 km away from Borovets, has been especially selected for this activity. Surrounded by magical beauty and tranquility, our guests may enjoy a true fishing experience in a friendly setting.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Price: € 11

Including: transport, entrance fee, equipment.


Sailing boat in Iskur dam

Have you always wanted to feel like a real sailor, struggling with water and wind?

You may experience this in the hot summer months on board a sailing boat in the Iskar Dam

Duration: around 3 hours sailing

Price: € 25
Including: equipment, instruction, guide, transport.


Rafting on Struma River

Fun, team work and trust – perfect for friends!

The descent lasts about 3 hours, crossing a track of 11 km. length. Full rafting equipment includes: wet suit, helmet, life vest, and paddle and water boots.

Duration: around 7 hours

Price: € 35
Including: equipment, instruction, experienced guide, and transport, insurance.

Horse riding

Horse riding

Do you want to feel free and in complete harmony with nature? Take the opportunity to discover the stunning scenery of the Rila Mountains on horseback. An adventure, you will never forget. You will agree that nothing quite beats the thrill of exploring on horseback. Borovets offers a lot of interesting trails for riders of all levels. Horse riding is a great way of exploring the forests and mountains.

Duration: 1 hours

Price: € 20


PARAGLIDING: The speed of the birds

There is no other feeling like paragliding, strapping on your wing, and gliding above the earth with the speed of birds. If you desire to try it again, don’t worry – every flight is different and you will still have lots of new things to discover.

Tandem XC Flight – distance 20- 30 km

Duration: 45 – 90 min

Price: 92
Including: tandem flight and up-to-date modern equipment, experienced tandem pilot, parachute, helmets

Jeep Safari

 Jeep Safari Borovets

 If you are a fan of the extreme adventure you can try one day a Jeep Safari in the Rila Mountain.

Duration: 1 day

Price: € 40
Including: BBQ