About Us

MOUNTAIN MASTERS BOROVETS is a well known and popular Bulgarian Mountain Bike Company based in the heart of the Rila Mountain, at the foot of the Musala peak.

We are a small company, owned by passionate mountain bikers. Our aim is to organize mountain bike holidays where every detail is checked to offer you more than just a mountain bike trip but a trip of your lifetime!

MOUNTAIN MASTERS’ office is in Iglika 2 hotel, Borovets at the back site of  Rila hotel.

We practice mountain biking, trekking and in winter months, skiing and snowboarding – (see www.snowmasters-bg.com ).

We are passionate about the mountains and because we live here all year round, have an unrivalled detailed knowledge of the stunning terrain. You will be amazed of the beauty of the flora and fauna, and be absorbed by geology, local history and architecture.

Mountain Masters, Borovets offer some of the most beautiful mountain bike trips in the Rila Mountain,  such as the legendary “Bulgarian Tzar Ferninad’s trail”, Rila Seven Lakes, Yavorova meadow, Iskar dam and Borovets Bike Park .

Your biking holiday with MOUNTAIN MASTERS BOROVETS includes guiding, single trails, riding advice, airport transfers, accommodation, food and cultural experiences.

We specialize in guiding small groups of between 2 to 8 clients for safety, security, technical and fitness levels and to make the tours more friendly.

Our team has professional and experienced guides who provide excellent care and attention which guarantees you to improve your skill in biking and enable you to find out  the  best single trails in  the heart of  Rila mountain, Bulgaria.